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Now Make the Hardest Decision

best of week its-dangerous-to-go-alon meme Memes Pokémon professor oak - 6009592320
By Unknown

Captain Planet Spreads His Seed

best of week captain planet Superhero IRL wtf - 5155901184
Via Funny or Die

Steampunk Pokémon

art best of week cute Pokémon - 5209595136
By SirKilmoreRyan

Imagine the Weed it Takes to Get Superman Baked

batman best of week drugs Straight off the Page superman wtf - 5275414784
By hachan

How Ponies Party

best of week cupcakes gifs meme Party pinkie pie twilight sparkle - 5491668224
By SirKilmoreRyan


best of week fatality fluttershy lesson zero Mortal Kombat season 2 TV - 5320247040
By i_likes_cheez

Derp: Even the Doctor Derps

best of week doctor who tardis TV - 5918256640
See all captions By kagura110
best of week christmas Pokémon pokemon christmas bash Video - 30693889

PokéChristmas Medley

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Somepony's Getting Replaced

best of week celestia comic comics pinkie pie - 5861714432
By SkySceneRock

The Toys ARE the Spoilers

best of week comics my little pony pet spoilers tortoise toys - 5455810048
By LOLcat4444

CSI: Equestria

best of week comics csi Deal With It fluttershy rainbow dash - 5325011456
By manueltrix

Yep That Pretty Much Sums it Up

aquaman best of week fish Super-Lols - 5444617216
See all captions By Apolloskid
best of week dancing movies tron Video - 35518977

Suddenly the Grid Doesn't Seem so Bad

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Wait Ten Seconds

20 Percent Cooler best of week Bronies ponies - 5657566720
By mikkel14

DAFUQ: Dragon Types

best of week charizard dafuq dragon dragon types Pokémans - 5308149248
By cyanhydric

You Can Do Better Than That

best of week meme Memes pokemon master - 5684642816
By Unknown