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benedict cumberbatch

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Watch the Origin Story Featurette For Doctor Strange

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First Still From The New Season of 'Sherlock'

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7 Ways Sherlock Could Come Back in Season 3

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Doctor Cumberbatch

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The Ultimate Deleted Star Trek Scene: Benedict in the Shower

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You Might Be Cool, but Are You Doctor Strange Wearing an Avengers Tee Holding a Doctor Strange Pop! Cool?

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Reddit Knows What Sherlock Would Rather Be Doing

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No Means No!

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Tea Anyone?

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Quite Possibly the Most British Picture Ever

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Fangirl 101

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We Have to Go Deeper

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Benedict Cumberbatch Cannot Say "Penguins" for the Life of Him

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A Message From Benedict Cumberbatch to All of His Fans

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Doctor Strange to Be a Member of the Avengers in Upcoming Infinity War

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Sherlock and Watson Would Make Beautiful Babies

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