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I'd Eat Either

bbc benedict cumberbatch Fan Art Sherlock - 6276459264
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Have You Heard? Benedict Cumberbatch is Playing Jaws

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Benedict Cumberbatch Plays 3-Word Stories with Jimmy Fallon

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Marvel Rumor of the Day: Will Benedict Cumberbatch Play Doctor Strange?

benedict cumberbatch casting news - 8360968704
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Bearded Benedict Cumberbatch Seen Filming for Dr. Strange in Nepal

dr strange superheroes Bearded Benedict Cumberbatch Seen Filming for Dr. Strange in Nepal
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Maybe Benedict Cumberbatch Isn't Such a Crazy Choice

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Sherlock and Watson Would Make Beautiful Babies

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One Of the Cutest Things At Comic-Con... And a Madagascar Penguin

benedict cumberbatch San Diego Comic Con 2014 - 8266196224
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A Gentle Reminder

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Here's That Benedict Cumberbatch Made Out of Chocolate You Never Knew You Wanted

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Martin Freeman's Green With Envy

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Benedict Cumberbatch Talks About His Initial Reaction to the Doctor Strange Footage

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You're A Mean One, Mr. Singh

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Benedict Cumberbatch Cannot Say "Penguins" for the Life of Him

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Would You Watch a Ginger Cumberbatch as the Doctor?

doctor who benedict cumberbatch Fan Art - 8018938368
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Sherlock's Come Such a Long Way!

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