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Step-Heroes, Coming Soon to a Theater near You!

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The Adorable and Old School Benedict Cumberbatch Announces His Marriage Plans in a Newspaper Ad

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Prepare the Cannons! Ships Inbound!

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You're A Mean One, Mr. Singh

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This is What Happens When Cumberbatch Visits 'Top Gear'

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Maybe Benedict Cumberbatch Isn't Such a Crazy Choice

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We Have to Go Deeper

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The Obvious Choice

benedict cumberbatch doctor strange arrested development - 8394909952
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The Extended Chase Sequence Clip from Doctor Strange Is Here, and It Serves up a Cold Hard Shot of Vertigo Real Quick

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7 Ways Sherlock Could Come Back in Season 3

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Sherlock and Watson Would Make Beautiful Babies

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Director Scott Derrickson Gives Us a Closer Look at Doctor Strange

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People Try to Spell Benedict Cumberbatch's Name With Their Eyes Closed and Absolutely Fail

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The Ultimate Deleted Star Trek Scene: Benedict in the Shower

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Tea Anyone?

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Listen to Benedict Cumberbatch Talking About His Experience Working on the Penguins of Madagascar

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