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Lego Mewtwo

mewtwo lego awesome IRL - 6639960320
Via retinence

Jack and Coke

awesome Fan Art wasted - 5386795008
By Luke

Fallout Equestria, Circa 1984

awesome MLP fallout - 8471955456
By DeathByCupcakes (Via madhotaru)

Learjet: Now Twenty Percent Cooler

awesome rainbow dash twenty percent cooler - 6581060352
By RobotDash
awesome fluttershy louder Video - 31675137

When I'm Adorable

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awesome best of week Bronies react teens react Video - 34062081

Bronies React to Teens React to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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TMNT realistic awesome crafts - 70540545

Michael Bay Needs To Take a Lesson From These Realistic Ninja Turtles

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No More Father to Stare at You

awesome batman no parents Super-Lols - 5535195648
By Anna.j
A Tumblr post about a customer counteracting angry Karen with kindness | unclefather cashier: l'm sorry 's going be 5 minute wait food old people: let speak manager. This never would have happened my day. And yet all want minimum wage raised going kill cashier sorry 's going be 5 minute wait food

Tumblr Thread: Aggressive Generosity Combats Boomer Selfishness

The world's an awesome place sometimes.
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Crossing the Time Streams

as seen on tv awesome back to the future best of week DeLorean doctor who tardis - 5395225600
Via Delorean Hire

Moves Like Wolverine

awesome dancing wolverine - 6584320512
By _C_A_T_

Cheers to THAT!

awesome dr doom Magneto Super-Lols - 5301216256
By Unknown

Batman in the 70s

art car awesome 70s batman funny - 7565824512
By Unknown

Take My Money!

awesome cute marill toys-games - 5531205888
By Unknown

Sea Anemone Bulbasaur Loves to Swim

Via butt-berry

Brony Episode of South Park Confirmed!!!

awesome best of week my little brony no way South Park TV yes - 5351705600
By coltsfanca
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