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It's The Hookblade All Over Again!

assassins creed pinkie pie rainbow rocks - 8213634560
Created by DAEGON1
assassins creed syndicate assassins creed Video - 75149569

Man at Arms Makes the Assassin's Creed Cane Sword

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list assassins creed syndicate assassins creed Video Game Coverage - 489733

Ubisoft Just Officially Announced Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Here's What You Need to Know

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assassins creed Dan Bull rap Video video games - 30845441

This Was a Revelation

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This Would've Been a Better Title


Wolverine's Creed

assassins creed best of week crossover Fan Art video games wolverine xmen - 5592051456
Via Red Bubble
assassin's creed unity assassins creed Video - 66206209

These Interrupting Frenchmen NPCs Have Impeccable Timing

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assassins creed unity assassins creed xbox xbox one Video Game Coverage - 65284609

Been Waiting for a Bundle? Xbox One and Assassin's Creed Coming This November

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assassins creed IRL parkour Video - 62762497

Assassin's Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life

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Everybody Needs a Day Off Sometimes

crossover Fan Art hetalia assassins creed - 7568376064
Via firnheledien
assassins creed halo Video Super Mario bros Tomb Raider Video Game Coverage - 57102337

What If Other Game Characters Had Access to Mario's Mushrooms?

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PlayStation 4 assassins creed graphics Video Video Game Coverage - 55787265

Check Out the Difference in Graphics Between PS3 and PS4

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Surprise, Surprise: You Can't Survive Those Leaps Into Haystacks

video game news assassins creed haystacks full of lies
Via Falling Into Straw

Listen to the Assassin

cosplay IRL assassins creed - 7537763072
Created by stepzzi
trailers assassins creed rogue assassins creed Video Video Game Coverage - 64159489

Watch the First Gameplay Trailer for Assassin's Creed Rogue

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assassins creed glitches Ubisoft Video assassins creed unity - 67253249

This is a Perfect Analogy for Ubisoft

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