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animation MLP Video - 68010241

Morning Constitutional

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animation lyra heartstrings MLP five nights at freddy's - 69658625

Lucky Lyra

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animation actor batman batfleck - 61969921

After Affleck, Who's Next to Play Batman?

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Wreck-It Ralph 2 Officially Announced by Walt Disney Animation Studios

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spoof animation MLP - 65971457

Alpacas Save The Economy

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old animation The Avengers - 69676289

The Newest Avengers Has The Best Powers

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Take 5 Everyone

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Stop Shooting Lasers, Supes!

animation awesome lasers superman - 6866553344
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Batman's Magic Uniform

gifs animation batman - 8111672320
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gif of a panel from manga naruto: sasuke your brother was truly amazing... puts a shinobi like me to shame really
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animation guardians of the galaxy - 59010817

The Guardians' Post Credits Sequence Gets Its Fourth Meal On

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king sombra the great and powerful trixie nightmare moon princess cadence animation starlight glimmer princess luna undertale princess celestia sunset shimmer - 83432449

The True Story of Equestria [Volume Warning]

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Señor Gif: Take That, Goat

animation anime gif gifs manga wtf - 6392111616
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animation dancing guardians of the galaxy groot - 64838401

Groot's Showing Off Some New Moves

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animation reflection MLP - 62278401

An Animation To Reflect On The Past Four Seasons

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Shrek 5 Is Reportedly Coming in 2019!

Via The Hollywood Reporter