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feels list animation - 1200133

Prepare Your Feels for a Reminder of the Most Emotional Animated Films

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animation twilight sparkle - 83554561

Bad Night

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Ponies Are Magic

gifs animation twilight sparkle - 8413993216
Via argodaemon
taylor swift animation ant man - 67698689

Ant-Man Dances To The Song of 2014

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applejack animation cartoon physics rainbow dash - 78163969

Apple Thief

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Fabulous Gait

gifs animation rarity - 8431012096
Created by maorows ( Via crackiepipe )
dorkly alfred pennyworth animation batman - 74576641

Batman's Greatest Villain

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animation vs batman Harley Quinn - 71810305

Batman vs Harley Quinn in Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles

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wtf animation rap dreamworks shrek Video - 63000321

Please Watch This, the Most Beautiful Piece of Animation in History

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animation MLP - 66608641

Just Black Friday Things

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animation cute cartoons Cats funny - 80037633

This Adventurous Cat Gets out There and Braves a Walk on the Wild Side of Life

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animation season 5 what i learned - 79068929

The New Season Is Terrible, Let's All Remember the Last One

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battleborn animation anime video games - 79963137

This Intro Video to Battleborn Is a True Masterpiece

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In A Past Life, Derpy Was A Middle Aged Man In Metropolis

animation derpy hooves superman - 8100112384
Created by EricRBG

You Look Familiar Somehow

animation Movie - 6488719616
Created by Unknown
christmas halloween animation MLP - 66551809

The Curse of Retail

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