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Derpy Might Still be a Bit Angry...

gifs derpy hooves angry - 6813778944
By oatmealiscrazy

The Saddest of Angry...

angry costume hulk kid Sad Super Costume - 5094863616
Pokémon pokemon go angry Video - 81793281

Watch This Veteran Go Completely Psycho on Pokémon GO Players at Memorial Park

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angry batman batmobile Straight off the Page - 5312303616
By Unknown
anime twitter reactions angry - 1795589

Netflix Drops New Death Note Trailer, People Proceed to Fall Into Fit of Blind Rage Over 'Whitewashing'

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Dammit Venom...

angry Random Heroics Venom yelling - 5264829184
By Unknown

You Know You're Wrong When...

angry Battle jigglypuff Pokémans wrong - 5014475776
By ninjacats

Oh She Totally Will

wonder woman angry - 6933718272
By Unknown

Judges are not ordinary men

off the page angry fist judge dredd funny - 7455929600
By ggeecckkoo

True, But He's Very Effective

angry damian lilo & stitch robin Super-Lols - 6243858688
By Unknown

Makes Perfect Sense

off the page green arrow angry - 7169408768
By hachan

I Don't Like Babies, so I'll Go With Wolverine

angry Awesome Art Babies batman best of week Spider-Man wolverine - 5198955008

He's One Angry Turtle

angry raphael off the page TMNT - 7256837888
By Unknown

Fluttertree Isn't Happy

angry fluttershy fluttertree meme youre-going-to-love-me - 6497095424
By Defender_of_5

Furious DC Fans Band Together and Start up Petition to Squash Rotten Tomatoes, after Negative Suicide Squad Reviews

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An Important Issue We Need To Talk About For A Hot Sec

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