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Sooo, Marvel is killing off its teen heroes?

marvel angry good - 7003984128
By legitpretty

I Will Cut You!

angry oshawott pikachu tepig - 5010799104
By Jeanpaul12 (Via

He Loves to Read

Spider-Man reading smash angry - 6890185984
By Unknown

Judges are not ordinary men

off the page angry fist judge dredd funny - 7455929600
By ggeecckkoo

He's Gonna Smash That Tree

angry best of week christmas Straight off the Page - 5545758720
By Maccadam (Via

Hold on There Cowboy

Saturday Morning Cartoons TMNT angry - 7132305408
By Sosuke

Derpy Might Still be a Bit Angry...

gifs derpy hooves angry - 6813778944
By oatmealiscrazy

When They Leave Your 'Text' on Read and Never Respond...

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When Your Bank Account Statement Come Sunday Morning Has You Like

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Such Adpoted Rage

adopted angry loki Super-Lols Thor - 6383556096
By PandaCookie013

Such a Shame

angry coke costume power girl Super-Lols - 5029779456
By maxystone

Feelings on the Internet

internet angry kamen rider - 6913306368
By Sosuke


angry fluttershy piano the internets youre-going-to-love-me - 6350200320
By RetroRainbowDash
angry rainbow dash - 70576129

The Anger Is All Consuming

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SPOILERS: Things Are About to Go Down

angry art awesome discord Q season 2 spoilers - 5207160576
By Unknown

Don't Show Me PokéPark Again!

angry art hitmonchan - 5600900608
By Unknown