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Jeez Deadpool, I Thought You Worked Out

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By xyzpdq1

Check Out All the Easter Eggs in Some of Your Favorite Marvel Movies

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This is Why I Don't Let Him Watch Movies

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By HetaGarnet (Via hetagarnet)

Wait, How Does It Work?

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At Least It's a Big Case

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By Jimmy Dean

Exclamatory Facial Hair

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I Found Thor!

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By overlord360

Thor Is a Pony

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By Unknown

Does That Make Natalie Portman Timon or Pumba?

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By Unknown

Everyone Is a Troll

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By zupesy

Let He Who Shall Be Deemed Worthy of Mjolnir

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Da Na Na Na

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By livinthedream5910


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By Hoovy_Derps

Hulk Not Compensate For Cowlick

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Well, It's All Over for Thor

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By ImTheGoddamnBatman

The View News Is Out: Thor Will Become a Woman

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Via The Verge