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Who's Your Money On?

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Such Glory and Porpoise

loki Thor movies puns - 7921429504
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Hel Hath Frozen Over

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Couple of Daft Punks

loki crossover Music Thor daft punk - 7685860096
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Screen grab from the trailer for Thor Ragnarok

The Trailer for Thor Ragnarok Is Here to Make Monday 1000x Better

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The Road to Asgard

avengers dreamworks Fan Art loki marvel Thor - 6209291520
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avengers horse Super-Lols Thor - 6340527360
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Those Are Some Strong Urinals

costume hulk Movie Super Costume Thor - 6192230400
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And Talk About Split Ends

Thor sick burn batman - 8419178240
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That and (NAME REMOVED Dies!

avengers Awesome Art loki Thor - 6281698304
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Dammit Hulk!

Thor jerk hulk avengers - 7062072832
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Da Na Na Na

Thor hammer time captain america stop avengers - 6855433472
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In the 50s?

Thor hipster space - 6683768576
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Thor Omegleson

Omegle roleplay The Avengers Thor - 6605754624
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Mean Girls: Age of Ultron

Thor robert downey jr The Avengers - 8361070848
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Thor Laughs So Creepily...

captain america iron man laugh Super-Lols Thor - 5303442944
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