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Loki Don't Give a Flying F**k

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Do They Contain The Power Of The Bi Frost?

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Hammer Time

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Loki Knows How to Party

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Marvel Cinematic Universe: A Summary

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Don't Get Thor in Trouble

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Loki is a Beloved Leader in His Own Daydream in This 'Thor: The Dark World' Deleted Scene

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Sad-Faced Loki's Low-Key Devastated

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You Are...

Awesome Art best of week hammer time loki Thor time - 6284073984
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I Seem to be Suffering From Amnesia, or Something

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Thor Celebrates Victory Over Ultron on SNL

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It's Super-Adaptoid...RUN!!!

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Oh Thor...

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Regular Jobs That Superheroes Will Have to Fall Back on When the World Has Been Saved Once and For All

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Being a Big Brother is Hard

Thor Supernatural Sherlock - 6816016384
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The Avengers: The Heli-Carrier is Always Prepared for Fine Dining

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