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I'd Do Some Tests for Her

Portal fluttershy gladOS - 8746507776
Created by Qwertzuy ( Via Alasou )

I Want This Cake!

gladOS lyra meme Portal the cake is a lie - 5240372992
Created by lrregular

The Science of Love

Portal video games - 5813305088
Created by PixelProgram ( Via syntheticph )

Portal Fortress 2

applejack art flim flam brothers PC Portal Team Fortress 2 video games - 5763431168
Created by DeathByCupcakes

Now You're Thinking With Fashion

earrings Fan Art Portal video games - 6150071296
Created by Unknown

Trick or Turret

pumpkins jack o lanterns halloween Portal video games ghoulish geeks g rated - 6659777536
Via Neil Fraser

Combine ALL the Fandoms

crossover my little pony Fan Art homestuck Portal - 6984750080
Created by savannamia ( Via Leafydragon )

I Know How Sherlock Survived the Fall!

bbc crossover gifs Portal Sherlock video games - 6578614784
Created by Unknown

My Little Test Subjects~!

Sweetie Belle derpy hooves twilight sparkle lyra heartstrings twilight velvet pinkie pie rarity Portal bon bon portal 2 - 8746561024
Created by Blood_Moon ( Via Pony Berserker )

Now You're Thinking With Pinkie

Fan Art pinkie pie Portal - 8251875328
Created by DeathByCupcakes ( Via ilifeloser )

Oh, the Things I Would Do

Fan Art fun Portal video games - 5883513600
Created by Unknown

Target Acquired

cross stitch Portal turret video games - 5828879872
Created by Talim646

Doing Science

Portal video games - 6066830336
Created by PixelProgram ( Via XxNashxX )
Pokémon Portal Video - 61042689

Pokémon With a Portal Gun

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Promises Were Made to Be Broken

Via gamebin

You're Only Making Me Stronger

Fan Art Portal video games Wheatley - 5949744128
Created by PixelProgram ( Via Not Quite Normal )