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Not Sure if Rule 63...

cosplay Portal video games - 6722421248
Created by metronome18
Portal science Video Video Game Coverage - 58858753

GLaDOS Explains Fusion and Fission for NASA

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Yeah, I Don't Think It'll Be That Way, Buddy...

valve half life Portal - 8482275840
Created by LocoGuy107 ( Via The Escapist )


crossover Fan Art T.Shirt tardis for sale Portal - 7565948928
Via Society6

Princess Glados

best of week celestia crossover Portal - 5660024832
Created by chibibailey

Now You're Napping With Portals

Fan Art Portal sleepy video games - 5667397376
Created by nightmareXmoon

Now You're Thinking With Flutters

kindness Portal - 7903188736
Created by NightShift
overwatch flutterbat rick and morty applejack the great and powerful trixie blue screen of death mei-ling zhou OC equestria girls shovel knight blender moon dancer Mortal Kombat doctor whooves fallout youtube cloud chaser animation starlight glimmer derpy hooves twilight sparkle flitter pmv legend of zelda sonic the hedgehog unikitty gravity falls FEZ pinkie pie Team Fortress 2 gmod warhammer 40k paper mario vinyl scratch rarity animation error mafia dj PON-3 assassins creed lion king Portal soarin steven universe sunset shimmer dogmeat tails fluttershy rayman tetris bon bon mario octavia headcrab rainbow dash tron sfm - 81304577

Doors 2

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Spike Lies

the cake is a lie spike Portal gladOS - 7014528768
Created by philsrobeighn

Combine ALL the Fandoms

crossover my little pony Fan Art homestuck Portal - 6984750080
Created by savannamia ( Via Leafydragon )

Aperture Silence

chell Fan Art fandom gordon freeman half life Portal valve video games - 5608848640
Created by W. C. Cube ( Via lintufriikki )

Who Let the Turrets Out?

It Came From the Interwebz Portal turrets video games - 6013887232
Via Think Geek

He's Invented the Greatest Invention Ever

Awesome Art ironman Portal tony stark - 6323981056
Created by Unknown

They Do What They Must, Because They Can

video games Portal gladOS - 6694418944
Created by MagentaV ( Via repsectthedarklord )

More Games Need This Kind of Humor!

Via almightyd55
pinkie pie Portal Video - 22938881

Pinkie Pie Loves Space... and Space Core

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