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Not Nearly As Pretentious

pinkie pie MLP - 7841525504
By Zombie_Dowlphin

What Do You Do!?

willyoupressthebutton waifu MLP - 7836208896
By SuperMissile

That Was Fast

Plushie MLP season 5 - 8458736640
By maorows (Via kiashone)

I Hope They Finally Bring in Tirek

MLP season 5 slowpoke - 8458310144
By poptarts_are_your_friend

Foal Shaming

mane 6 Fan Art cute MLP shaming - 8561970688
By Hohoha (Via beavernator)

Your Mother Was a Hamster, And Your Father Smelled of Elderberries

MLP king sombra - 8170426624
By Tyler_G

Pinkie Powers: Super Fluff

Via captainpudgemuffin


cute MLP - 8569560320
Via thediscorded
destiny animation MLP rainbow dash - 70103041

Dash Destiny

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Angry Doctor Is Angry

10th doctor doctor who MLP leaked mane 6 waiting - 7928979200
By DeathByCupcakes

Cranky? Is That You?

IRL MLP - 7858697984
By Unknown

Twilight Skywalker and Darth Celestia

star wars twilight sparkle MLP princess celestia - 7892515840
By _Starkiller_ (Via WhatsAPokemon)

I'm Sorry

brony MLP - 7897956352
By DeathByCupcakes

And Here Ya Are...

background pony MLP - 8515945472
By Tineid (Via tineid)
spike MLP - 60653569

Spike Sings The Cloudsdale Anthem

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By There Powers Combined

mane 6 MLP - 8298233856
By Anime_Geek