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It Literally Happened

MLP vinyl scratch - 8508567808
By Foxtrack (Via Derpibooru)
MLP Theme Song orchestra - 60116481

Even If You're not a Fan of MLP, You Have to Admit the Theme Song Sounds Pretty Rad When Played by an Orchestra

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50 Years Later

MLP mashup mane 6 simpsons - 7888017408
By Bustneat


countdown MLP reflection mane 6 - 8457798400
By DeathByCupcakes

My Little Titans

mashup mane 6 teen titans MLP - 8033136640
By CookieDuck (Via mscherbear)

Highly Illogical

comic books MLP - 8391516160
By KiloDel

Awesome Cutie Mark Crusaders Sculpture

cmc MLP - 8316887296
Via githgulcag


cute MLP - 8549300992
Via fluttershythekind
video game MLP - 66635009

New Fan-Made MLP Game

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Songs equestria girls MLP - 54975489

Enjoy All The Songs

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animation lyra heartstrings MLP five nights at freddy's - 69658625

Lucky Lyra

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Amazing My Little Pony Tees!!

shopping tshirts MLP - 8275384832
By unamee (Via unamee)

Ponyville Secedes

MLP princess celestia web comics - 8288566528
Via gray--day

What's Your Mark?

anonymous MLP - 5018799360
By Valera91

And We Thought They Were Vegetarians

comics MLP - 7878484992
By Unknown

Nope, Not Angry

MLP pinkie pie mane 6 - 7979037696
By DeathByCupcakes