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Please Only Give Him Decaf

DC cute coffee the flash flash - 7651757568
By j0ey03

Booster Gold Isn't The Most Serious Comic

DC booster gold Straight off the Page - 8439532288
By Unknown

Not Even Funny Tho

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Jared Leto Hung out in Psych Wards With Actual Psychopaths That Have Committed Horrible Crimes to Get in Character for the Joker Role

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Josh Brolin to be the Next Batman?

DC movies superbatman batman Josh Brolin - 7722475520
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The Team At Boss Logic Shows Us What Joe Manganiello Could Look Like As Deathstroke

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Wake Up, DC

twitter marvel wonder woman DC - 7736853248
By Unknown

The Dark Flight

batman takes flight web comics fan art four panels showing batman doing an impressive land then jumping again in the air, alfred the butler carries cookies and milk on a tray and a final panel that reveals batman had been jumping on a trampoline
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Take It Easy Petey, They're Only Pajamas!

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American Anti-Intellectualism at Its Finest

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The Official Corporate Response Every Time They Reboot and Make Fans Mad

DC superman - 8569485824
By tamaleknight

Better Watch Your Back, Batty

DC batgirl superheroes batman Harley Quinn poison ivy - 7634676480
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Tim Miller's Trying to Move Mountains to Unite Deadpool and Spider-Man on the Big Screen Eventually

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marvel disney DC comics Fan Art justice league The Avengers x men superheroes - 226053

Check Out This Illustrator's Awesome Gallery of Pinups and Pop Culture Fan Art

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They Love My Huge Batman!

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J.K. Simmons Got More Ripped than a 22-Year-Old Personal Trainer When He Switched Sides from Marvel to DC to Play Commissioner Gordon in Justice League

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