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China's Getting a Different Kind of Guardians

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Jesse Eisenberg's Horrible Lex Luthor Wig

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Joss Whedon Reveals Marvel's Phase 3

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Henry Cavill Shows Off His Super Suit

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Joss Whedon Knows What We Want

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Now We Have to Watch The View

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Zack Snyder Tweets Batmobile Reveal

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Via Zack Snyder on Twitter

X-Men Fan Poster Gets Singer's Seal of Approval

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By Unknown

US Airways Gets the Best Help They Could Ask for

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Via SupermanTweets

X-Men Empire Owns Twitter

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Via X-Men Movies

Punisher Doesn't Understand Moral Ambiguity

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By Origami_Heart

Everyone Loves A Good Pun

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By Origami_Heart

Bryan Singer Announces X-Men: Apocalypse

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By WalterWhite (Via Slashfilm)

Hey! No Contracts!

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By Origami_Heart

Honey Wolverine Don't Care

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By WinterSoldier (Via MarvelWOWFacts)

Simon Pegg Denies Being Ant-Man, Breaks Hearts Everywhere

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Via @simonpegg