twitter IRL superhero - 1351173

Twitter Presents: The Signs You're a Superhero

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tom holland twitter DC superheroes Spider-Man win - 1177093

Tom Holland Melts Hearts Everywhere After Visiting NY Hospital Dressed Up as Spider-Man

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Ryan Reynolds Kickstarts His Oscar Campaign In Proper Deadpool Fashion With Hilarious Award Letter

Via @TeriHart
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Our Favorite Times Ryan Reynolds' Social Media Game Further Proved He Was Born to be Deadpool

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chris evans twitter

Chris Evans Sent Martin Shkreli into an Absolute Twitter Ragefest with One Tweet

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chris evans captain america

Chris Evans Reacts to Captain America Hydra Twist, and Sets the Internet Ablaze with Some Golden Reactions

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Batman v Superman Emojis Are On Twitter

emojis superheroes Batman v Superman Emojis Are On Twitter
Via DawnOfJustice_

Don't Feel Bad

jessica jones twitter Don't Feel Bad
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This Jessica Jones Tweet is Trying To Tell Us Something About Luke Cage

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Listen to the Man, He's Very Wise

uncle ben superheroes spider-man Listen to the Man, He's Very Wise
Via @ImUncleBen
anniversary twitter marvel deadpool - 630277

Deadpool Celebrated The Golden Girls' 30th Anniversary and It Was Glorious

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Jon Bernthal Teases The Punisher

Via @jonnybernthal

It's Definitely Not The Super Heightened Sense or Ninja Training

Via @Daredevil
twitter xmen wolverine - 401412

Who Needs Script Writers Any More?

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10 Best #BatmanDatingProblems Twitter Uncovered

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Did Daredevil Just Drop a Spoiler Over Twitter?

Via @Daredevil
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