Always Keep a Fish in Your Pocket

comic fish joker Straight off the Page wtf - 5390269952
Created by Unknown

This Seems Eerily Accurate

Awesome Art classic comic reboot sexy times - 5195305728

Fly Away!

Awesome Art comic costume fly Sad superheroes - 5148267264
Created by Unknown
bruce banner comic hulk Random Heroics trailers Video - 23920385

The Hulk Fights...HIMSELF!

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Robin Needs More Money for Hookers

Awesome Art batman comic robin - 5015255296
Created by maxystone ( Via )

Sometimes You Just Need to Fight for What You Love

Awesome Art bride clever comic Spider-Man - 5024618496
Created by maxystone ( Via )

Let's Just Watch it for a While

Awesome Art batman batmobile comic robin - 5009271808
Created by maxystone

Unicorns are Far More Fearsome...

Awesome Art batman comic - 4990153472
Created by xyzpdq1

What a Fabulous Bird!

Awesome Art batman comic fabulous robin wtf - 4899675392
Created by xyzpdq1

He just Needed a Ride!

Awesome Art comic ride The Thing wtf - 5886234368
Created by maxystone ( Via )
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