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best of week sexy Spider-Man Super-Lols tights - 5338599168
Created by KittehBoy1963

Villain Logic...It Only Makes Sense When it Has To

best of week logic wtf - 5332537856
Created by Unknown

The Eye Lasers Are Amazing

all the things awesome Awesome Art best of week Memes super powers - 5298720256
Created by antidocius ( Via )

Great, Now I'm Staring at People's Noses All Day

Awesome Art best of week TMNT - 5326843904
Via Drawn
agent coulson avengers best of week marvel The Movies Thor Video - 27559169

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer

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Why Is This Not a Thing!

amazing Awesome Art batman best of week Riddler - 5288808960
Created by TheDrMonkey

Then You Can't Block This Punch!

best of week Green lantern punch Straight off the Page wtf - 5288830464
Created by TheDrMonkey

How Talented Rorschach Is!

best of week gifs rorshach Saturday Morning Cartoons watchmen - 5288824320
Created by TheDrMonkey

Yeah, God It's Not Like It's St. Louis or Detroit

batman best of week phoenix jones Superhero IRL - 5303392000

The Mercs that Slay Together Stay Together

amazing best of week costume deadpool family Super Costume - 5289918976
Created by RodneyMmKay

Oh No...Get the HELL OUT OF HERE!

best of week cyclops deadpool Super-Lols - 5274626816
See all captions Created by Unknown

No Powers, No Problem

batman best of week iron man money Super-Lols - 5298472192
Created by Tasty_Apple
avengers best of week sweet The Movies trailers Video - 27243777

The Avengers' Trailer Is Here!

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Uh-Oh Spaghetti-O!

best of week gross internet Spider-Man Super-Lols - 5294804480
See all captions Created by Unknown

This Is Possibly The Best Comic Idea Ever

awesome best of week pirates Straight off the Page - 5282347264
Created by xyzpdq1

Imagine the Weed it Takes to Get Superman Baked

batman best of week drugs Straight off the Page superman wtf - 5275414784
Created by hachan