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Star Bat: The Animated Series

Awesome Art batman best of week penguin star wars - 5492690176
Via Dean Fraser

Make All The Lanterns

all the things best of week Green lantern superheroes Super-Lols - 5525696512
Created by MaoDiggyMao

Deadpool...Sometimes He's a Turkey, Sometimes Not

Awesome Art best of week deadpool sweet - 5474471680
Created by JoeO

Joker Loves Geometry

batman best of week comic joker Super-Lols - 5455450368
Created by Kite

Hmm...I'm the White Electric Bill...great...

best of week Super-Lols test - 5458689280
Created by mnalfred

The Funny Thing Is, He Didn't Win This

best of week flash race Super-Lols - 5442843648
Created by xyzpdq1

Yep That Pretty Much Sums it Up

aquaman best of week fish Super-Lols - 5444617216
See all captions Created by Apolloskid

Be Honest, No You Don't

Babies best of week Straight off the Page wtf - 5453454848
Created by Unknown

Because He Needs to Make Sure The Apocalypse Happened

best of week deadpool Movie The Movies - 5407297280
Created by ChappytheBrony
batman best of week dark knight Saturday Morning Cartoons Theme Song Video - 29141505

Wow...Dark Knight Rises Took an Odd Turn

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With Style!

Awesome Art batman best of week joker killer croc penguin Riddler two face - 5418552832
Created by Javier Andres Ramos Aguilera ( Via )

Dammit Magneto

best of week guns Magneto movies soldiers Super-Lols - 5418949888
Created by zickeli7 ( Via )

Damian Has His Father's Sense of Subtlety

batman best of week damian wayne joker Random Heroics - 5412175616
Created by tetzauh ( Via )

Carnage is Coming...and It Looks Terrifying

america Awesome Art best of week carnage - 5410767360

What Else Would He Say?

batman best of week family Random Heroics - 5408565248
Created by Unknown

Tick Troll Better Than Rick Roll

art best of week Random Heroics troll - 5401147392
Created by ComicBookGal ( Via )