Not Sure I've Heard That Version

bane batman dark knight Super-Lols - 6499623168
Created by Unknown

Damn Those Homonyms

bane batman Super-Lols - 6491301888
Created by armanti

Mr. No-Nose

angry baby bane nose Super-Lols - 6490671616
Created by PetePete


bane Super-Lols - 6482661120
Created by Codabah

He Burns Everything

Awesome Art bane cooking kitchen - 6471940096
Created by JakeusM

Shredder Is Way Better

bane batman Dark Knight Rises shredder Super-Lols - 6471474432
Created by AmericanFox

But I Want to Dive NOW!

bane Dark Knight Rises permission superheroes Super-Lols - 6459835648
Created by nankinj

Or, Broke Bat Mounting?

bane batman Super-Lols - 6435740928
Created by BotPilgrim

Free Them All!

bane batman Dark Knight Rises Super-Lols - 6455234304
Created by Aaron Ford

Nobody... Ever

bane justin bieber Super-Lols - 6453552384
Created by Unknown

Keep That Up and He'll Send Bane After You

bane batman robin Super-Lols - 6430760960
Created by Unknown

Bane Knows How to Treat a Lady

bane lady sexy times Straight off the Straight off the Page - 6311980544
Created by hachan

I Thought They Were Best Bros

bane batman come at me Super-Lols - 6288952320
Created by ProtectorOfCake

Sure Thing

bane batman Super-Lols - 6262006272
Created by andy_187

The Dark Knight of Posters

bane batman catwoman dark knight superheroes The Movies - 6257600256
Created by Unknown

What? Speak Up!

bane Super-Lols wtf - 6227978752
Created by Unknown