It Really Does

joker robin bane - 6701617408
Created by as54ad


bane voice dark knight - 6630053888
Created by MrRawesome

Bane's A Ninja?

bane ninja - 6648846336
Created by mem0er

Why Does He Wear The Mask?!

bane wtf - 6465105408
Created by iRictor

Everytime I Try and Shut Down

bad joke bane - 6492765696
Created by Unknown

Horrible Dental Hygine

bane - 6585429760
Created by xyzpdq1

Walter Is Under the Mask

bane mask walter white - 6593779968
Created by Tankus McSpankus

You Wanna Go?

bane come at me bro Movie - 6593032192
Created by RedArmy_BushMan

Your Paralysis Must Be More Severe.

bane kristen stewart mask - 6470608640
Created by r4p1st

The Dark **** Plops

bane batman - 6571606784
Created by AAlpha248

Bane Isn't Lying...

bane Riddler santa claus wtf - 6554635520
Created by Thespinerd

Best Musical

bane - 6568946432
Created by hachan

Come at Me, Bane.

bane come at me Dark Knight Rises kid - 6562215168
Created by HedShawt

Literally and Figuratively

bane batman mask Movie - 6523901696
Created by Unknown

Bane - the Fifth Beatle

bane beatles permission wtf - 6487173632
Created by petternw

The Dark Knight Bounces

bane batman dark knight - 6520869120
Created by tofudabeast1