Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.


avengers captain america independence day Movie Super-Lols Thor - 5328374016
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Hawkeye...the Trolling Avenger

avengers Black Widow iron man Movie Thor - 5299641344
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He Loves To Listen

blind daredevil Movie Super-Lols - 5250471424
By jhonnyjhonny1

Well, Why Don't We Go Back to My Place

batman catwoman Dark Knight Rises Movie Super-Lols - 5245902080

Catwoman's Costume: It's Black!

batman catwoman costume Movie The Movies - 5243488768

Hello There!

creepy gifs hair joker Movie The Movies - 5212510464
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They're MARVEL-ous

Black Widow dat ass hawkeye lady bags Movie Super-Lols Thor - 5181217024
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ending Movie The Movies Thor Video - 24625409

How Thor Should of Ended

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Batman is Always an Excuse

batman Movie Random Heroics work wtf - 5075748096
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Seems Legit

batman Movie Random Heroics - 5052887296
By JoyousGache

He Loves It!

bane batman Dark Knight Rises Movie The Movies - 5041344000
By Sierra-wolf101
Movie original superman The Movies Video - 23013121

Didn't Like Superman Returns? TOO BAD! Here's the Original Opening

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Movie Spider-Man The Movies trailers Video - 22880513

Here Till They Pry it From Our Internets

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Propaganda at its Finest

Awesome Art captain america Movie peace - 4986403584

Best Movie Ever

drunk Movie iron man - 6933015552
By azrael07

Deadpool Movie Update of the Day

deadpool Movie ryan reynolds fox - 6687321600
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