Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

Just Break Those Cuffs, Bro

Movie kryptonite superman - 6837345280
By Unknown

The JLA Fan Cast

JLA cast Movie fans - 6822877184
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Looks Like Thor Tripped

Thor Movie chris hemsworth - 6782319360
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The Beginnings of Iron Woman

Movie iron man - 6780974592
By Unknown

Hey Guys, Remember Darkman?

Movie - 6780919296
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Wait a Minute...

wtf gifs Movie The Avengers - 6780924672
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Wait, He Couldn't Really Fly?

Movie superman - 6781066240
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Womp Womp

Movie blind avengers - 6733560064
By Avery Hinks

Adam West Is Pretty Cool

Adam West Movie batman christopher nolan - 6712744192
By 42sammclean54

The Wolverine: Teaser Poster

art poster Movie actor hugh jackman - 6720503040
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Goon Kickstarter Still Needs Your Help!

Movie kickstarter the goon - 6716300032
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This Is Why I Watch Slasher Pics

Movie - 6705637888
By xyzpdq1

The Avengers in LEGO

avengers lego awesome Movie poster Random Heroics - 6646042368
By dolf1nluvr

ROFLrazzi: I've Made a Huge Mistake...

funny gifs Movie captain america The Avengers Thor chris evans tom hiddleston loki - 6643112448
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ROFLrazzi: Just Call Me Skrillex

funny Music Movie The Avengers loki actor tom hiddleston categoryimage categoryvoting-page - 6642677248
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ROFLrazzi: Thor! What Have You DONE?!

Beauty and the Beast categoryimage categoryvoting-page chris hemsworth disney funny gifs Movie Thor - 6639182336
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