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Batman Stumbles Into the Pokémon Universe, Tragedy Ensues

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Unoccupy This Cave!

cave meme Memes Occupy Wall Street zubat - 5468100608
Created by Unknown

This is How I Die

pokemon memes zubats
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The Zusey Cave is Full of Nightmares

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Created by Vic_ ( Via jejihu )

Old Romance?

cave IRL pokemon cards zubat - 6437128960
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Ash Has His Priorities Straight

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ALLLLL the Zubats

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It Would Be Awesome to Be Able to Ride Gogoat to Stop Random Battles

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Pokémon zubat repel batman - 7410936320
Created by emill054

Unpopular Opinion Rick Perry

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Created by Unknown

Zubat Knows the Best Move - Supersonic

meme Memes Pokémon supersonic troll zubat - 5466405120
Created by rubyka

Even If It's Shiny

batman Memes shiny pokemon The 1 Percent zubat - 5624836096
Created by spatchopod

Having No Eyes Is Pretty Scary

mean look Memes supersonic zubat - 5231047936
See all captions Created by Kirikiza

Why I Hate Using Surf

annoying repel tentacool zubat - 4912438784
See all captions Created by MattyB93

I Know that Supersonic Feel

annoying feels i know that feel Memes supersonic zubat - 6506078720
Created by Unknown