Zubat of the Sea? Where Are the Tentacools?

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Created by Obi-brown

This is How I Die

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You're Going to Need a Fancy Repel

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Zubat, Please!

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Created by DraxxorT
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ALLLLL the Zubats

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Warrior Zubat

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Created by Benjamminleft

The Wrath of Zubat

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Created by wardmart

We Share Your Pain

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Zubat is Just Trying to Prove Himself

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Unoccupy This Cave!

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When You at the Bar and Calling out for the Squad Like

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Sir and Lady Zubat

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Created by BattleKing ( Via The Pokémon Kingdom )

I Guess I'll Catch One...

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It Would Be Awesome to Be Able to Ride Gogoat to Stop Random Battles

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And Ash Will Never Take It Out

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