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If the internet was a newspaper, Web Comics would be the funnies pages that people go for when it first shows up at their doorstep early in the morning.

Dorkly's 6 Pokémon Items We Should Have IRL

pokemon memes items that should be real
Via Dorkly

My Life is Over

pokemon memes kyogre faints
Via eleanart-approved

Vote for Me!

super smash bros Fan Art web comics - 8475197440
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom ( Via dragonith.deviantart.com )

Drinking to Forget Be Like

Via _

"Who Are You? Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here?"

professor oak Pokémon Sad web comics - 8306865152
Via theghost2

PokéBall Z

gifs Pokémon web comics - 8459865088
Created by Solid_Snivy ( Via Ready Soup Comic )

Ash Deserves More

ash Pokémon web comics - 8025326080

At Least It Isn't Vile

pokemon memes oddish fetish
Via Safely Endangered

The Name Game

Pokémon naming web comics - 8282749440
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via gabasonian )

That's One Strong Rod

pokemon memes fishing wailmer
Via Awkward Zombie

Diglett Wednesday: Diglett Goes Online

diglett diglett wednesday rick roll web comics - 8306846464
Via yurfrenden

Knew it All Along...

Pokémon charmander gengar web comics - 8017491712
Created by BeastsDIY ( Via ByronB )

Speedy Greninja, Tough Chesnaught and Smart Delphox

chesnaught starters delphox greninja web comics - 8061964800
Created by YakuzaDuragon

An Endearing Tale About My Pokémon and Me

video games geek awesome Pokémon web comics - 8350669568
Created by chibihunter

The Adventures of Slowpoke: Drowning

slowpoke web comics - 8592429824
Via mdbruinart

Meow Rider

Pokémon web comics the gamer cat - 7944423680
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via The Gamer Cat )