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If the internet was a newspaper, Web Comics would be the funnies pages that people go for when it first shows up at their doorstep early in the morning.

Sylveon Has a Secret

Pokémon sylveon web comics - 7960389888
Created by varivenom

Diglett Wednesday: Mega Dugtrio for Gen 7

hands diglett wednesday web comics - 8424198656
Via thecomicfome

Pokémon Meets Mario

Pokémon Fan Art Super Mario bros web comics - 8207141632
Via lethalityrush

Bad Idea, Mega Slowbro Should Never Take Off its Shell

Pokémon slowbro mega slowbro web comics - 8296080128
Via Nerd Rage Comic

Trips to the Vatican Will Never be the Same After Pokémon Go

pokemon memes pokemon go at the vatican
Via delacroix911

If Only I Could Turn Around

pokemon memes stationary trainer problems
Via gabasonian

Prepare to be Pressed

hawlucha Fan Art greninja web comics - 8466961152
Created by Luchabro ( Via PlainWhite )

Little Dude's on That Hunting Grind

Via Jim Benton Cartoons

Someone Asked What Happened to the Raichu Comics, So...

raichu Pokémon web comics - 8437912832
Created by amelanduil ( Via rairai-no26-chu )

The Dig

Pokémon web comics - 7804541952
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via Escapist Magazine )

Trainer Basics

Pokémon video games web comics - 7885332736
Created by jakubiszyn ( Via The Gamer Cat )

Brendan Skipped Leg Day

Pokémon berries web comics awkward zombie - 8447817984
Via Awkward Zombie

Blissey is the Sweetest Pokémon

pokemon memes blissey hugs
Via Fellduck

Boy, Girl, or Non-Binary?

pokemon memes professor oak non binary
Via teh-piper

Nothing Will Deter Ash from Catching 'Em All!

Via deadpoolsheik

Right in the Pokeballs

Pokémon web comics - 8194597376
Via Gabasonian