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If the internet was a newspaper, Web Comics would be the funnies pages that people go for when it first shows up at their doorstep early in the morning.

They Better Have Gotten Some Incense for All the Trouble

Via thememorycardisfull

The Tension!!!

Pokémon brawl in the family slugma web comics - 7857946112
Created by Mistermascara ( Via Brawl in the Family )

Arialin the Most Kawaii Gardevoir

Pokémon gardevoir web comics - 8463289344
Created by swilhelm ( Via skullcoat )

Tyranitar is OP

pokedex entries tyranitar web comics - 8268737280
Via randowis

The Dig

Pokémon web comics - 7804541952
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via Escapist Magazine )

Naming is Hard!

Pokémon Fan Art names web comics - 8498034432
Created by Kotorcom ( Via kotorcomics )

Into the Tall Grass

Pokémon oh god web comics - 8330831616
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via saccharokirby )

Don't Take that Backlight for Granted

pokemon memes gameboy by street light
Via booksofadam

Too... Many... Feels

Pokémon feels web comics - 8312398592
Created by Woopar

Bob's Pokéburgers

crossover Pokémon web comics - 8159864832
Via krudman

Get Rekt

burn heal Pokémon sableye web comics azumarill - 8192676608
Via Pokémon Master Tyrell

Aerosol Abuse

Fan Art repel rayquaza web comics - 8414991616
Created by PonifiedVictini ( Via lethalityrush )

Big Game Hunter

safari zone Pokémon kalos web comics - 8020649984
Via Nerd Rage Comic

Why Can't I Hold All These Items?

pokemon memes take this
Via lisapkmncomics

When You're Having a Good Day and See People Watching You on the Subway

pokemon, web comic, subway,
Via amorses

Giovanni's Stuck Working With Idiots

pokemon memes team rocket failure
Via Dorkly