pokeball troll voltorb - 4875772160
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Pokémon Red-Neck fishing

fishing magikarp slowpoke voltorb - 4879023616
By Criss.M (Via brokenteapot.deviantart.com)

They See Me Rollin'

IRL Pokémon the internets this shouldn't be that fu voltorb - 6331797504
By Unknown
gameplay quilava selfdestruct shiny Video voltorb - 28484865

Shiny Voltrolololololololo

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Professor Troll

professor oak troll voltorb - 6621719296
By Unknown

Douchebag Voltorb

explosion gameplay self destruct voltorb - 5930653696
By nicpinson

Pokémon Noir

Pokémon voltorb self destruct comic - 7035168000
Via Ray-b

Battle of the Bombs

voltorb electrode - 8163990016
By Houndoom-Kaboom

Have You Ever Seen a Voltorb This Happy?

anime gifs Pokémon voltorb - 8246936576
By Guilherme.didi

The Most Suicidal Pokémon in the World

self destruct the most interesting man in the world voltorb - 4870137600
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Voltorb Loves to Run

pokedex Pokémon voltorb running pokemon logic - 7683786240
By Unknown

Fandom Logic

fandom haunter Pokémon the internets voltorb - 6099385856
By Unknown

When a Voltorb Dies

voltorb gifs gastly - 7833755904
By Unknown

Electrifying Revelation

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pokemon memes voltorb photobomb gif

She Has Her Mother's Electric Personality

electrode self destruct the internets TV voltorb - 6013569792
By daiylnn
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