Masuda is About to Challenge Obama to a Pokémon Battle

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Girl Documents Her Little Brother Running Away from Home After His Mom Deleted His Pokémon GO!

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Anyone Else Get This Vibe?

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The AI Must Cheat

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Kid Realizes Pokémon Aren't Real, Writes a Sad Letter to Santa

Text - Dear Santa Ineed Some advice for how to maKe Pokemon Real.WhY do NEED SOne ve be(ause Can not 9et POkempn Out oF my mind need a ver g00d pswer, Lf You have a answer Piease send messAG back from kinnell
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30 Entertaining Memes We Selected Just For You

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I Prefer The Grapes of Poliwrath

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This Hits Home

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Get Hype!

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He Beedrilled Her

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OFFICIAL Pokémon Timeline by Toshinobu Matsumiya

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I Think the First One is the Grass Type!

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Maybe She is More Like Audino

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Even NFL Players Love Pokémon

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