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Team Rocket Finally Steals a Pikachu

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Blasting Off Again!

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Taylor Swift's "22" from Team Rocket's Perspective

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We're Gonna Run This Class

pokemon memes team rocket same class
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Smooth McGroove Rocket Base

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Sometimes That Show is Not as Good as I Remember It Being

team rocket sucks at disguises
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Will Team Rocket Ever Learn?

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Damn, Bad Guys

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Meowth, That's Bad

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Ash Would Never Fall for This...

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Meowth, That's Right!

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In Honor of Throwback Thursday, Remember When James First Got That Magikarp?

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Team Rocket Names

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Team Rocket Can Be Elegant

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So Many Rare, Powerful Pokémon

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10 Reasons James From Pokémon is Basically Batman

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