Team Rocket

James is Flaming!

Pokémon Team Rocket james - 7978715392
Created by maddymaddy131

Surrender Now Or Prepare To Fight!

Team Rocket cosplay IRL - 8465463808
Created by YakuzaDuragon

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pokemon memes jessie vileplume

You Guys Broke its Heart...

Meowth Team Rocket anime - 6858155264
Created by Gabo2oo

And Yet We Still Notice Him

Team Rocket anime - 8520371968
Created by Luchabro

They Were All Addressed Unown

anime gifs james jessie Team Rocket tv-movies unown - 6104503552
Created by Unknown

The Perfect Disguise

pokemon memes team rocket disguise
Via rewatchingpokemon

The Perfect Villain

Pokémon Team Rocket comics - 7782452736
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ash ketchum fly james jessie jump Team Rocket Video - 23448321

Ash, Use "Fly"!

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Team Rocket Wouldn't Make it in the Wild West

Team Rocket james web comics - 8321146880
Via Jeremy Kaye

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

ash giovanni meme Memes persian Team Rocket - 5263274240
Created by permaboner

Scyther is the Best Barber

Team Rocket gifs anime - 7770424832
Created by The_Krookodile

Ready to Blast off for the Weekend Like...

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What 4th Wall?

pokemon memes team rocket writers cant figure it out
Via retrogamerblog

It's Still Epic

plot Team Rocket - 4994276608
Via pokedays.tumblr.com

Prepare for Trouble

anime art gifs Team Rocket the internets - 6440908544
Created by Unknown
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