Team Rocket

You Dun Goofed

Pokémon Team Rocket - 8122992896
Created by CriminalScrub

James Trolling

Team Rocket anime james - 6738650624
Created by temquepilar

And I'm Still Trying to Get to Level 55

Team Rocket dragonite elite 4 lance funny - 7444012800
Created by mapfre_krabby

A Game Where You Play as Part of Team Rocket Would Be Amazing

Team Rocket ursaring gameplay Confession Bear - 7121938688

Troller Ash

anime Koffing pokedex Team Rocket tv-movies - 6333140736
Created by Unknown

Jessie, If You Were a Pokémon, I'd Choose You

cosplay jessie Team Rocket - 5008951296
Created by maxystone

Team Plasma Just Got Served

Team Rocket anime funny - 7459616256

Team Rocket: Like a Boss

anime giovanni Like a Boss Team Rocket tv-movies - 5742765824

Insert Obligatory Burn Heal Joke Here

burn heal Team Rocket - 8235361280
Via andrewlay

Posted Without Comment

pokemon memes jessie vileplume

Not Pictured: Blasting Off Again

pikachu Team Rocket - 4871918592
Created by Unknown

Why Else Would You Use a Heatran?

Team Rocket - 8116913408
Created by BoomPowWham12

Wendys Blasting Off at the Speed of Light

fast food instagram Pokémon Team Rocket - 8220546816
Via wendys

You'll Never Know

anime Team Rocket - 8569486848
Created by tamaleknight

Team Rocket Poké-masters?

anime Pokémon Team Rocket - 7970232320
Created by TheGastly

How the Blackout Should Have Ended

Pokémon Team Rocket nfl football - 7035684608
Via Jteeth
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