Gotta Love Happy Jolteon and Not Caring Umbreon

sylveon eeveelutions gifs anime jolteon eevee umbreon - 7119107584
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Sylveon Only Likes the Very Best

Pokémon sylveon pokemon amie - 7847857920
Created by Unknown

Sylveon Variations

pokemon memes sylveon variations
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Dragon's Nightmare

sylveon fairy types dragons - 8112114176
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Boardroom Suggestion: Sylveon's Type

sylveon Memes - 7122240768
Created by Jirachi the Wishmaker ( Via JirachiWishing )

When She Plays Hard to Get

Pokémon sylveon gifs anime - 8275025920
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom

Keep Up!

pokemon memes sylveon eevee keep up
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Okay, You Can Have a Little

Pokémon sylveon - 8108107008
Created by TheGengar

Sylveon Garden - Cuteness from Here to the Horizon

Pokémon sylveon - 8030193920
Created by XxPanu ( Via Felynea )

The Ultimate Friendzone

friends eevee umbreon love web comics sylveon - 7890659584
Via jigglypinkbutts

This Isn't Creepy at All...

art sylveon creepy - 7074480640
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Pokémon sylveon gifs pokemon amie - 7868570624
Created by Unknown

Dance, Snowman, Dance

sylveon gifs glaceon - 8487846656
Created by Luchabro ( Via robosylveon )

Sylveon is Kind of Creepy When You Think About It

creepy pikachu sylveon - 7060046336
Created by AlexYurian ( Via SunnieF )

Don't Like the New Fairy Type?

sylveon gifs Deal With It - 7565848064
Via Squirtledogg

Wait, You Mean it's Not Called Ghosteon?

gifs sylveon creepy - 7063553536
Created by Unknown
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