Don't Like the New Fairy Type?

sylveon gifs Deal With It - 7565848064
Via Squirtledogg

The Only Logical Conclusion for Sylveon

gifs sylveon theories wobbuffet - 7068403456
By BleuVII

Doing My Finals Essay Like.....

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By Luchabro (Via robosylveon)

Don't Make Fun of the New Guy

sylveon comics newmew - 7289697536
Via Zigstripes


Pokémon sylveon gifs pokemon amie - 7868570624
By Unknown

Sylveon Babysitting Eevees

Fan Art sylveon eevee - 8119292928
By TheGengar (Via Know Your Meme)

Hat Worth One Million Dollars

sylveon gifs Fan Art - 8500633600
By Luchabro (Via robosylveon)

If Only This Would Work...

Pokémon sylveon eeveelutions pokemon types - 7130015488
Via shixn

I Hope That Sylveon's Type is Fight-

sylveon fighting - 7065303296
By datcress
sylveon eeveelutions Video - 47860481

The New Eeveelution's Possible Types

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How to Play Pokémon Amie

sylveon pokemon amie - 7858342400
Via pikaboots

Burlesque Sylveon

pokemon cosplay sylveon
Via poliwagglecosplay

Keep Up!

pokemon memes sylveon eevee keep up
Via the-angel-ninfia

Glaceon is Still Giving the Cold Shoulder

sylveon eeveelutions gifs Fan Art glaceon - 8479222016
By Luchabro (Via robosylveon)

The Ultimate Friendzone

friends eevee umbreon love web comics sylveon - 7890659584
Via jigglypinkbutts

Let's Just Calm Down a Little

sylveon meme eeveelution - 7072214016
By BattleDelibird
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