Training Day

sylveon eeveelutions Fan Art eevee - 8554082560
By Luchabro (Via East Minatsu)

Green With Envy, Perhaps?

sylveon shinies Fairly Oddparents - 7568469504
By Unknown

Can You Imagine a Fairy Type Gym Leader?

Pokémon art sylveon gym leaders fairy types - 7565128192
Via aishaneko

Am I the Only Sylveon That Gives a Damn?

sylveon Memes - 7710061056
By admin ~Ninetales (Via Facebook)

The Feel Type Pokémon

feels sylveon - 7065239808
By IStartedWithYellowVersion

Sailor Sylveon

pokemon memes sylveon magical girl
Via mermaidmagicart

Fairy Types Horror

scary sylveon fairy types - 8460688896
By EmilyDoesStuff

Victini is a Jerk

milotic sylveon comic victini - 7083014912
By Memeboy2 (Via TefoCero)

Okay, You Can Have a Little

Pokémon sylveon - 8108107008
By TheGengar

Sylveon's Real Evolution

sylveon eeveelutions eevee - 7090971904
Via thebluecanary

Dragon's Nightmare

sylveon fairy types dragons - 8112114176
Via diasapacibles

The Dawww for Eevee Couldn't Be Any Greater

evolution sylveon eeveelutions dawww eevee cute - 7097115648
By AlexYurian

Diglett Wednesday: Sylveon Loves Playing Tag With Diglett

gifs art sylveon diglett wednesday diglett - 7085870592
Via Diives

Hat Worth One Million Dollars

sylveon gifs Fan Art - 8500633600
By Luchabro (Via robosylveon)

How to Play Pokémon Amie

sylveon pokemon amie - 7858342400
Via pikaboots

Sylveon is Kind of Creepy When You Think About It

creepy pikachu sylveon - 7060046336
By AlexYurian (Via SunnieF)