super effective

Four Times Effective

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Lolcat Evolved Into Happy Cat

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Created by Unknown

Best Possible Thing

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Created by Ploopy11

Hit its Weak Point for Massive Damage!

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Created by Khyloa

In a Parallel Universe

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Created by riverrider6000

Clefairy Doesn't Care About Your Stupid Rules

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Created by a-rod48 ( Via VGCATS )
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It's a One-Hit KO!

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It's Super Effective!

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Created by fribbles

Super Effective!

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Dance it Out, Weepinbell

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Created by Unknown

Wicked Effective

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Created by Darcuta

Spread Eagle

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Created by AgentShiver

Don't Mess With Fairies

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The Start of a Pokémon Champion

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Created by rofljay

Gen I Flashback

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Created by BattleKing ( Via The Pokemon Kingdom )


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Created by NotATexan