super effective

It'll Be Alright Cubone

art best of week charmander cubone cute hug super effective - 5536178432
Via ben-watches-you-shower.tumblr.com

Wicked Effective

magikarp splash super effective - 6578044928
Created by Darcuta

Mega Metapod Confirmed

Pokémon sports metapod super effective basketball - 8431968256
Via Sportscenter

It's Super Effective on My Blemishes

colors make up super effective - 4876287744
Created by Unknown

Hit its Weak Point for Massive Damage!

godzilla super effective - 6713418752
Created by Khyloa


ghost type meme Memes professor oak super effective - 5348631296
Created by NotATexan

Houndour Wins!

Battle IRL squirtle super effective dogs - 6994185728
Created by Unknown

Best Possible Thing

critical hit meme Memes success kid super effective - 5907503104
Created by Ploopy11

These Cocktails Are Super Effective

cocktails IRL drinks Pokémon super effective - 8079976960
Created by Unknown

The Last Pokébender

anime Avatar crossover gifs super effective the last airbender - 6324696064
Created by Unknown

What if Twitch Plays Pokémon is a Viral Marketing Campaign by Nintendo?

Pokémon twitch plays pokemon super effective nintendo - 8094644736
Via longzheng

Don't Mess With Fairies

Fan Art hydreigon super effective Dedenne - 8279931136
Via kuranocat

Gen I Flashback

bug poison meme super effective pepperidge farm remembers - 7074129920
Created by BattleKing ( Via The Pokemon Kingdom )

Spread Eagle

cannot unsee comic flash super effective - 5794695424
Created by AgentShiver

Charizard Used Dragon Claw! It's Super Eff-.. Holy @#$%.

charizard gifs super effective - 8134820096
Created by MegaManLight

Lolcat Evolved Into Happy Cat

best of week lol meme Memes super effective - 6453682688
Created by Unknown
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