super effective

Houndour Wins!

Battle IRL squirtle super effective dogs - 6994185728
Created by Unknown

Charizard Used Dragon Claw! It's Super Eff-.. Holy @#$%.

charizard gifs super effective - 8134820096
Created by MegaManLight


gengar headbutt jigglypuff rage comic Rage Comics super effective - 5822735104
Created by missmonicaellen

To Train Them Is My Cause

art meme poster super effective training - 5779248896
Created by Unknown

My Weakness!!!

4x weakness charizard charmander evolutions gameplay super effective - 5140768256
Created by MAZKON


ghost type meme Memes professor oak super effective - 5348631296
Created by NotATexan

What if Twitch Plays Pokémon is a Viral Marketing Campaign by Nintendo?

Pokémon twitch plays pokemon super effective nintendo - 8094644736
Via longzheng

Dance it Out, Weepinbell

adele anime gifs Music Pokémemes super effective tv-movies - 6082136832
Created by Unknown

It's Super Effective on My Blemishes

colors make up super effective - 4876287744
Created by Unknown

Best Possible Thing

critical hit meme Memes success kid super effective - 5907503104
Created by Ploopy11

Four Times Effective

best of week comic grass quagsire super effective type advantage water - 5300105216
Via Moomino

Blackout Is Super Effective

anime best of week Movie PIPA SOPA super effective the internets tv-movies - 5710684160
Created by Unknown

The Start of a Pokémon Champion

Battle critical hit Memes pokemon champion pride super effective - 5995960576
Created by rofljay

Jigglypuff Used Sing! It Was Super Effective!

jigglypuff sing super effective - 6791612672
Created by sness107

Twilight Was Defeated

Battle Pokémon super effective hunger games twilight - 6462263296
Created by Unknown

Going Back to Play Old Games...

Sad misty Memes super effective - 7039471360
Created by Unknown
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