Chespin is Apparently the Best Starter

chespin starters Gen IV - 7103093504
Created by Shrewstur

But Starters Are Too Mainstream

fusion hipster Memes starters - 5159517184
Created by Anonytomical

How I Choose Starters

starters teddiursa confession teddiursa - 7310400768
Created by Megamean09

Starters for Everyone!

christmas starters oprah wonder trade - 7973006848
Created by Urban90sKid

Fennekin, Fennekin, Fennekin...

so cute fennekin gen VI starters Memes - 6993415168
Created by pedromaceta
bulbasaur eat squirtle starters teeth Video - 28260353

Bulbasaur Doesn't Care

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I Want a Wrathtoise Now

fusion starters - 6952313856
Via metallicfire0

I Just Want to See Froakie's Magnificent Beard!

Spider-Man starters Memes - 7753721344
Created by BrotherRoga

Did You Get What You Wanted?

Pokémon starters gifs - 7348742912
Created by Unknown

Quilladin's Leakage

starters quilladin leaks pokemon x/y - 7833135872
Created by ZoltronTV ( Via zoltrondraws )

Professor Oak is a Dirty Rotten Liar

starters professor oak - 7047714560
Created by Unknown

Love Never Dies

Pokémon ORAS starters - 8382937856
Created by Hikari Seishin

The Other Starters Are Getting Sick of Fennekin

fennekin gen VI starters Memes - 7712881664
Created by Unknown

In 3D!

gen VI 3d art starters movies - 6972954368
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art starters cute gen 1 - 6929057024
Created by Gemkeeper333

Always My #001

best of week bulbasaur forever alone Pokémans starters - 5775829504
Created by saxman76