That Would Be Awesome

meme Memes pushing patrick starters tall grass - 5252862976
By Alli (Via my-life-is-pokemon.tumblr.com)

Are You Okay With These Evolutions?

gen VI evolution starters - 7013768192
By Unknown

Which Starter Will You Choose in ORAS?

Pokémon mudkip starters master race ORAS - 8335112192
Via TacticalLuke

Get ALL the Starters!

gameboy pikachu starters toys-games - 5437077504
By xman0444

What a Waste

starters gameboy - 6815881728
By cman_1146

Happy Valentine's Day!

Pokémon starters - 8060401152
By Unknown


art starters cute gen 1 - 6929057024
By Gemkeeper333

In 3D!

gen VI 3d art starters movies - 6972954368
Via Powerpig

Should've Started With Squirtle

best of week comic dafuq starters type advantage - 6488911616
Via ozzymustaine

You Can Have One! Choose!

gifs IRL professor oak starters the internets - 6060891392
Via SquirtleDogg

How I Choose Starters

starters teddiursa confession teddiursa - 7310400768
By Megamean09

Thanks, Obama! Give Us Some Better Starters... JEEZ!

Pokémon tumblr starters - 7802462720
By Unknown

The Classics

pokemon memes generation 1 fan art
Via einlee

Are You Prepared for Trouble?

best of week challenge Pokémon starters the internets - 6411112704
By DalekMeme

Can't Beat the Classics

starters gifs charmander squirtle pikachu bulbasaur original - 7013573376
Via shieldcharm

Alternate Universe Pokémon - Gen III

gen III Pokémon art starters - 7268279040
By Unknown
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