Need a Light?

charmander IRL Pokémon starters - 5443954176
Created by chutzell

Scumbag Ash

ash scumbag starters anime meme - 6768901632
Created by AshScumbag

Tired of the Whining

gameplay oak rival starters - 5596418048
Created by Porygon_D

Speedy Greninja, Tough Chesnaught and Smart Delphox

chesnaught starters delphox greninja web comics - 8061964800
Created by YakuzaDuragon

They Have to Come From Somewhere

wtf starters - 7047401216
Via SilverWolf84

Least Popular Starter? More Time for Naps

pokemon memes bulbasaur sleeping gif
Via h0ppip

The Starter That Can't Have Fun With His Friends...

bulbasaur charmander squirtle starters pikachu swimming - 8158596096
Via picturesinboxes

I Think the First One is the Grass Type!

twitter starters gen 3 - 8179252992
Created by Mistermascara

Patiently Waiting for You

pokemon memes starters fan art
Via 星野ほしこ@リハビリ中


fennekin starters typing firefighting - 6975015680
Via Diskoid

I'm Okay With Any New Generation That Doesn't Have a Fire/Fighting Starter

firefighting gen 6 generation six new pokemon starters the internets - 6469028352
Created by BlackStarHero ( Via patrickseymourva )

Professor Oak's Notes

art starters professor oak - 7539106304
Created by DineshThePoet ( Via Kari Fry )

Chespin You Friendly Dork!

pokemon memes chespin fennekin froakie gif
Via irimad

There Are Two Types of People in the World

Pokémon pokemon master starters - 8311218432
Created by Rjsowden

The Starter Wheel

art starters - 5177912320
Via Pixiv

Equal Opportunity

best of week generations love starters the internets unown - 6386532864
Created by Unknown
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