Now I See Why They Call Him Blue

Sad blue rival - 8110877952
Created by Schmaefer ( Via Squidoo )

It's All Your Fault

Pokémon rival - 7970368512
Created by Unknown

Tired of the Whining

gameplay oak rival starters - 5596418048
Created by Porygon_D

Bad Start Brian

bad luck brain meme Memes rival starters - 6405419520
Created by Mortuaryjoe

Rival's So Screwed

meme Memes Pokémon rival type advantage - 5974640128
Created by SufferingAngel

Scumbag Silver

rival scumbag silver weak - 6489443584
Created by DragonRoyal

How He Got Away With It

comic officer jenny rival silver - 6488842240
Created by Unknown


elite four gary rival - 4879906560
Created by Unknown

Good Guy Rival

gary Good Guy Greg meme Memes rival starter pokemon - 5757926144
Created by jacksonco16

Gary Motherf-in' Oak, Everybody!

gary rival Fairly Oddparents cartoons - 6833757440
Created by Bojangles ( Via Elekid )

Good Guy Greg Lets Gary Choose First

gary oak Good Guy Greg Memes professor oak rival - 5117625856
See all captions Created by Unknown

Getting a Little aHEAD of Himself

gameplay gary gramps rival - 6194307328
Created by Unknown

Rival Used Leer

Battle best of week IRL Pokémemes rival - 5645731584
Created by Unknown

My Rival Can Suck It

art graffiti IRL red rival - 6093028608
Created by Citiz3nSnips

I Feel So Bad Now

First World Problems black 2 rival - 6656501248
Created by Unknown

Someone Like Mew

blue Music parody red rival song victory - 6101161984
Created by HumanAtlas