How He Got Away With It

comic officer jenny rival silver - 6488842240
By Unknown

My Rival Can Suck It

art graffiti IRL red rival - 6093028608
By Citiz3nSnips

Getting a Little aHEAD of Himself

gameplay gary gramps rival - 6194307328
By Unknown

Is Your Name Assface?

fry meme not sure if Pokémon rage comic Rage Comics rival - 6375276288
By DatBuckingName

Rival Used Leer

Battle best of week IRL Pokémemes rival - 5645731584
By Unknown

Took Me This Long to Realize

gameplay rival silver - 6399986432
By Unknown

Pokémon: Back In My Day

back in my day best of week Memes Pokémon rival text - 5329877248
By HydreigonDeoxyde (Via hydreigondeoxyde.tumblr.com)

Now I See Why They Call Him Blue

Sad blue rival - 8110877952
By Schmaefer (Via Squidoo)

A Fate Far Worse Than a Curse Word

bidoof gary oak meme Memes rival - 6009331200
By Unknown

Annoying Rival

annoying Memes rival - 6451159552
By Unknown

Tired of the Whining

gameplay oak rival starters - 5596418048
By Porygon_D

Scumbag Rival Doesn't Lose When He Loses

Memes rival scumbag - 5230043392
By Unknown

But He Does Get All the Girls

doesnt matter had sex gary oak Memes professor oak rival - 5756626688
By hattmowell

Pokémon Stories: After the War

best of week explained meme Memes rival war - 5206036480
By toshi04

Don't Mess With Red

meme Memes red rival - 6508362240
By Unknown

Scumbag Silver

rival scumbag silver weak - 6489443584
By DragonRoyal