Pokémon Stories: After the War

best of week explained meme Memes rival war - 5206036480
Created by toshi04

Someone Like Mew

blue Music parody red rival song victory - 6101161984
Created by HumanAtlas

Gary Motherf-in' Oak, Everybody!

gary rival Fairly Oddparents cartoons - 6833757440
Created by Bojangles ( Via Elekid )

Pokémon: Back In My Day

back in my day best of week Memes Pokémon rival text - 5329877248
Created by HydreigonDeoxyde ( Via hydreigondeoxyde.tumblr.com )

Is Your Name Assface?

fry meme not sure if Pokémon rage comic Rage Comics rival - 6375276288
Created by DatBuckingName

Took Me This Long to Realize

gameplay rival silver - 6399986432
Created by Unknown

It's All Your Fault

Pokémon rival - 7970368512
Created by Unknown

Gary Was Here

ash is a loser gary IRL meme rival - 5720393472
Created by Unknown

A Little Unfair

cheating gameplay gary rival - 5335959808
Created by Unknown

My Rival Can Suck It

art graffiti IRL red rival - 6093028608
Created by Citiz3nSnips

Bad Start Brian

bad luck brain meme Memes rival starters - 6405419520
Created by Mortuaryjoe

Blue Oak: Who's the Better Trainer?

blue gary oak rival - 4982554880
Created by ImNotFunAtParties

Immature Minds Think Alike

funny gameboy gary oak IRL nicknames rival STDs - 5779063040
Created by Unknown

I Feel So Bad Now

First World Problems black 2 rival - 6656501248
Created by Unknown

Scumbag Rival Doesn't Lose When He Loses

Memes rival scumbag - 5230043392
Created by Unknown

A Fate Far Worse Than a Curse Word

bidoof gary oak meme Memes rival - 6009331200
Created by Unknown
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