Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

This is Marrownic

best of week cubone marowak Pokémans puns - 5336082688
Created by Unknown


dratini Pokémon puns funny - 7502526464
Created by Soulcloset

There's No Shaymin Loving These Valentines

puns pokepuns Valentines day - 7062739200
Created by PokePixel ( Via The-Blue-Pangolin )

Does That Count as a Rick Roll?

pokemon memes rick gastly
Via altermentality

Nobody Understands Our Love for Each Other

Pokémon IRL puns dating Pokemon Y - 7873245696
Created by Pokemon_Trainer_Nobody ( Via Pokémon Trainer Nobody )

But Do They Have Hats?

Pokémon forretress puns Team Fortress 2 video games - 7694694400
Created by TeslaCOILSandKITTEHZareEPIC

Pokémon Puns Always Get Reuniclus

Pokémon puns facebook - 7622628352
Via SneakyCowMan

Fancy a Cuppa Tea?

eevee puns Pokémon pokepuns - 8375781120
Created by Madoka_Kaname

Koffee Mug

coffee puns - 7934866432
Created by FluffyEpic

How Rude!

pokemon memes pikachu in the shower
Via Red Bubble

The Church Find This Onix-ceptable

Via newbrownintown

I Fear Something Has Gone A-Rye

Battle best of week bread poochyena puns truant - 5146448896

Ash Wednesday

pokemon memes ash wednesday
Via mr-jakely

This Cosplayer Loves Poképuns

aladdin cosplay magikarp IRL puns Pokémon - 8226919936
Via ordinary-princess-chilling-queen

PokéPuns Are the Best Puns

puns Pokémon pokepuns - 7886134272
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Poképuns, Poképuns Eveywhere

Pokémon puns pokepuns - 8247925760
Via Syythian