Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

I Have the Weirdest Cuboner Right Now

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Created by Unknown

Looking Good, Dawn

pokemon memes trainer dawn
Via pokemon-global-academy

Your Jokes are Illuminating

pokemon memes hey volk
Via mika-minnie

At Least the Status Says It's "OK"

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Created by Guilherme.didi

How Aura You Guys?

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Via beapeabear

There's No Shaymin Loving These Valentines

puns pokepuns Valentines day - 7062739200
Created by PokePixel ( Via The-Blue-Pangolin )

Happy May Day!

puns may Pokémon - 8170809088
Via Google

Hitting That Blunt Hard

ash ketchum drugs puns - 8604657408
Created by memefield

Greetings From Peru!

pokemon memes machu picchu
Via mberts
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The Thugs Arbok in Town

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Be Proud of Yourself!

Pokémon pride puns pokepuns - 8249282560
Created by pegasistre-12

That Battle Was Reuniclus

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Created by Unknown

Ghetsis is the Best Doctor

Pokémon puns ghetsis - 7769327104
Created by Unknown

Ba Dum Tss

pokemon memes not staryu starmie

Incoming for Sandviches

puns Pokémon Team Fortress 2 rain - 8326118400
Created by Phantasos

Shes Getting Really GRUMPig About It

puns Pokémon texting wynaut - 8173518080
Created by justsomepegasister