professor oak

There's a Time and Place for Everything!

anime professor oak Pokémon pokemon origins - 8025328128

Universal Healthcare

lemonade pokecenter professor oak - 4997925632
Created by Foyman

The Professor Oak of China

wtf China IRL professor oak - 8143813376
Created by bug900cannon

You Can't Tell?!

Pokémon professor oak - 7157584384
Created by ZIMsonic ( Via wyattjames )

Professor Oak Knows Best

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Created by Stacychan
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Pokémon But With Animals Instead

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Oh, U Dun Goofed

Pokémon bicycles professor oak - 8381058048
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom ( Via houndoom-kaboom )

Professor Oak's Notes

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Created by DineshThePoet ( Via Kari Fry )

Human Pokémon Items

Pokémon professor oak humans - 8292977408
Via gabasonian

"Who Are You? Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here?"

professor oak Pokémon Sad web comics - 8306865152
Via theghost2

They Are My Favorite!

professor oak rage comic Rage Comics starters - 6406923264
Created by thecheezykiwi

Where Starters Come From

starters professor oak pallet town why - 7057103360

Kind Hearted Professor Oak

ash anime professor oak Pokémon - 8121750272
Created by DopplerEffect

Over Time...

meme Memes over time professor oak rock super effective - 5361285120
See all captions Created by AlexMinassian

Professor Oak's Snappy Entrance

gifs professor oak - 7743242752
Created by Unknown

The Mysterious Past of Professor Oak

feels professor oak - 8756907264
Created by MrRay190
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