professor oak

Now it All Makes Sense

Babies Pokémon professor oak breeding - 8422672640
Via Nerd Rage Comic

Gary Has a Sister

gary anime professor oak - 7586200320
Created by Megamean09

Oh Gramps

boy or girl one does not simply professor oak meme - 6707629568
Created by masterfeja
Music disney jigglypuff professor oak - 52555777

Oak and Jigglypuff Sing "A Whole New World"

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Professor Oak Approved

Pokémon pokemon snap professor oak - 8457579264
Via dedenne

Professor Oak Needs to Do More Research

comics professor oak - 7675292672
Via Nerd Rage Comic

Watch Out, We Have a Professor Over Here

gameplay pikachu professor oak - 5972483584

He Drew a Picture and Everything

back to the future meme Memes pokedex professor oak - 5669572096
Created by Kehteh

Comixed: It's Not the Time to Use That!

Pokémon professor oak video games - 6207051264
Via Brental Floss

There's a Time and Place for Everything!

anime professor oak Pokémon pokemon origins - 8025328128

I've Only Been Sixteen

meme Memes pallet town professor oak tall grass - 5687536128
Created by Sentinel_23

Bad Lie, Oak

pokedex professor oak pokemon logic wat - 7837123840
Created by SaniOKh

The Mysterious Past of Professor Oak

feels professor oak - 8756907264
Created by MrRay190

And What's My Grandson's Name?

best of week cant tell fry meme meme Memes professor oak - 5216549632
Created by Whatguy

Oh Snap!

how about no nintendo 64 pokemon snap professor oak video games - 6545724416
Created by t40Flyer

He Tried to Warn You!

bikes funny professor oak - 7918357760
Created by LeVeya
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