professor oak

Trust Me

rumors Annoying Childhood Friend professor oak meme - 6708340224

Wear Your Name With Pride

Pokémon comics professor oak - 7782460928
Via Rare Candy Treatment
Music disney jigglypuff professor oak - 52555777

Oak and Jigglypuff Sing "A Whole New World"

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This is a Very Scary Title

playstation Pokémon professor oak video games ps vita - 7548016896
Created by Axido1991

Oak Doesn't Have a Preference

professor oak Valentines day - 7061234944

Good Guy Greg Lets Gary Choose First

gary oak Good Guy Greg Memes professor oak rival - 5117625856
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You Can Have One! Choose!

gifs IRL professor oak starters the internets - 6060891392
Via SquirtleDogg

Professor Oak's Twisted Mind

meme Memes pokedex professor oak - 5436965120
Created by ToxicThunderX

When is Your Next Date, Ash?

ash latias anime professor oak - 7348727552
Created by DeltaFlame

But He Does Get All the Girls

doesnt matter had sex gary oak Memes professor oak rival - 5756626688
Created by hattmowell

Oak & Ashy

ash ketchum rick and morty professor oak - 8553890304
Created by DRCEQ ( Via Steve Yurko )

I Mean, Ash Puts on a Lot of Dresses...

ash comic professor oak - 6444699648
Created by saandstoorm

Classic: Now is Not the Time to Use That!

IRL professor oak Pokémon - 8197164800
Via RedVillian

Easy Peasy

anime professor oak tv-movies unova - 5612796416
Created by jacktheninjadude

And Are You a Boy Or a Girl?

professor oak super smash bros tumblr - 8353555712
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Shortly Thereafter, His World Erupted in a Howling Sh*tstorm of Mad-Eyed Devastation

Via yes-gamer
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