Gather Round Kids, It's Time for a Feels Trip

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The Nicest Thing Anyone's Ever Said to Me

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Finally Got Pokémon Bank

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That's the Spirit!!

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The Periodic Table of Pokémon

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When You Take That First Bite of Some Hot Sauce-Soaked Eggs

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When You See It...

digimon Pokémon when you see it - 8346345728
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Encountering Espurr is the Scariest Thing Ever

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There Aren't Enough Memes on the Internet for an Approriate Response

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This is Like Getting a Level Thirty Dragon While Only Having One Badge

Pokémon Game of Thrones Memes - 7384978176
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You Had ONE Job

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Large and Impossibly Fuzzy Insect Mistaken for Real Life Pokémon

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Teens Taking it Too Far

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A Summary of the Black and White Anime

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Professor Oak is the George Clooney of Pokémon

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Not the Thunder Pokémon You Once Knew

raichu Pokémon mega evolutions - 7745185024
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