Stop Trying to Run Off!

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Mewtwo's Transformation Into its New Form

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Happy Birthday, Mewtwo!

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Mewtwo Vs. Genesect

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Mewtwo is Strongest Once Again!

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Mewtwo Strikes Back

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Created by Houndoom-Kaboom ( Via houndoom-kaboom )
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Mewtwo Age Of Ultron: A Theory On Mewtwos Origins

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Deal With It, Genwunners

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Special Promotion for the Upcoming Movie "Extremespeed Genesect - Mewtwo's Awakening"

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Don't Make Mewtwo Angry

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Good Guy Mewtwo

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Metapod Was Out of PP for Harden

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More Than an Awesome Pokémon

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No Pokémon Can Stand Up Against Mewtwo

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Nintendo Just Got Weird...

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GASP! Mewtwo Isn't Harder to Catch

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