Professor Oak's Twisted Mind

meme Memes pokedex professor oak - 5436965120
Created by ToxicThunderX

Zany Zigzagoon

annoying Battle meme Memes Sad tall grass zigzagoon - 6189813504
See all captions Created by zen524

One File Forever

meme Memes one does not simply - 6180785664
Created by Unknown

Scumbag Genwunner

genwunner meme Memes scumbag - 6441672192
Created by Urizen

Just What I Needed

magnitude meme Memes success kid - 5147622656
Created by Battlesheep

Scumbag Steve: He IS a Rare Pokémon After All...

bill clefairy meme Memes Scumbag Steve - 5320067840
Created by LonLonRancher

You're So Far Behind

meme Memes slowpoke - 6272672256
See all captions Created by 9volt123

The Last Legendaries

arceus god legendaries meme Memes Pokémemes - 6087742208
Created by Unknown

And What's My Grandson's Name?

best of week cant tell fry meme meme Memes professor oak - 5216549632
Created by Whatguy

Good Guy Past Self

Good Guy Greg meme Memes pokemon center - 6061313536
Created by Unknown

How to Receive and Hatch an Egg

art bicycle daycare egg meme Memes - 6184563712
Created by Unknown

Scumbag Ultra Balls

gameplay meme pokeball scumbag zapdos - 6202834176
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You Can Create Your Own Spells!

meme Memes Skyrim slowpoke - 5417285120
See all captions Created by AtomicNarwhal

Lolcat Evolved Into Happy Cat

best of week lol meme Memes super effective - 6453682688
Created by Unknown

Lampent is Ticked Off

dinkleberg meme Memes - 6036006912
Created by Unknown