Waste of a Move Slot

apple dark cave flash meme Memes steve jobs - 6174281728
Created by Unknown

You Don't Want to See Me When I'm Angry

dream world meme Memes solrock - 6449051648

And Now He's Level 99

meme Memes rare candy - 5231915776

Better Get a Water/Flying Type

fly hms meme pidgeot waterfall - 5344213248
Created by 8Salocin0 ( Via cheezburger.com )

Good Guy Game Freak

Game Freak meme good guy Pokeballs - 6652956160

It's Not Cheating, It's Assistance

meme Memes ridiculously photogenic guy shiny pokemon - 6143577600
Created by x_silentjealousy_x

Scumbag Team Plasma Doesn't Want You to Enjoy the Tunes

meme Memes scumbag team plasma - 5114540544
Created by arianah17

Hipster Magmar

hipster magmar meme Memes - 5843174400
Created by Naaatzz

Save After Healing

meme Memes now kiss Pokémon - 5852668928
Created by devildoc

Liberal Pokémon Trainer

meme Memes Pokeballs - 6470061056
Via D_b0

Expanded Movesets Are Awesome

Pokémon meme - 7084961280
Created by PokeyMew

Best Possible Thing

critical hit meme Memes success kid super effective - 5907503104
Created by Ploopy11

What Kind of Games Are You Playing?

meme Memes scizor - 6443607040
Created by Spakiness

Remembering the Speculations

kyurem meme - 6544505856
Created by Clucknadus

A Little Help, Please

meme pokedex professor oak - 6600010752

Give Him One of Your Old Games

batman charizard family meme Memes seriously - 6359259904
Created by Gills1710