Oh, James

gifs Team Rocket anime james - 6719742720
By mashed_potatos

James Trolling

Team Rocket anime james - 6738650624
By temquepilar

Misty Imitates Jessie and James

jessie anime misty james - 6847565824
Via kaiba-cave

Team Rocket's Logging Off Again!

Team Rocket james - 6697744896
By DJNightmar3

James IS a Rocket

gifs Team Rocket anime james - 6901884672
By Mewtron

Seriously, James...

puns Team Rocket james - 8122160384
By Guilherme.didi

James, James... James

Team Rocket anime james - 6745538560
By Unknown

Best James Cosplay

best of week cosplay haters gonna hate james Memes victreebel - 6072856064
By Unknown

Jessie Likes

james jessie Team Rocket tv-movies - 5161332736
By Hell_Yeah

Stop Trying to Cheat

Pokémon anime james - 7439536640
By Unknown

James' Nature is Sassy

Pokémon Team Rocket anime james - 8299971584
Via Pokemon Anime

James is the Best Character in the Anime

Pokémon Team Rocket anime james - 7348876544
Via garyfloyd9690

LOL I'm Rich!

gifs gold james persian - 4875727104
By Unknown

Blasting Off Again

james Team Rocket the most interesting man in the world - 4901212672
By fabitox87

It's Very Hard to Tell Sometimes...

anime james jessie Team Rocket tv-movies - 6493101568
By Mario9919

Nothing Black and White Though

anime james - 7848085504
By Johnnaman
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