first gen

And I Never Will

awesome bulbasaur charmander comic first gen forget squirtle - 5331773696
Created by Unknown

The Most Important Choices...

school starters first gen - 7058859264
Created by euphoriba

Translation: You're Doing It Wrong?

first gen toys-games translation wtf youre-doing-it-wrong - 5622649856
Created by gameleon

Welcome to the Pokémon Center

awesome first gen gameplay Pokémon pokemon center - 5685014272
Created by Unknown

And I'll Leech Seed You Into Submission

art bulbasaur first gen leech seed solar beam vine whip - 6014575872
Created by Unknown

Change is Good

first gen gen wars genluvvers genwunners the internets - 6355257600
Created by jdjlup

Charizard, I Jam With You!

charizard first gen guitar IRL Music - 5987994624
Created by Wiggin_Miller

It Will Never End

comic first gen gen V meme memebase Memes - 5339296768
Created by Drawer

Not Until Yellow Version Anyway

anime charizard comic first gen fly wings - 5993521920
Created by SkySceneRock

Type Change

art starters first gen types - 6843277056
Via Gammertyme

How I Feel About Kids Today

classic first gen Memes - 5873904896
Created by Unknown

The Start of Something New

best of week first gen gameplay journey nostalgia - 5645724928
Created by Unknown
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